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Here are just a few things people are saying about their time at CrossFit Magnitude:

In just six months of CrossFit (three times a week), I’ve dropped 25 pounds and 4 inches off my waist size, and I’ve “kicked” the blood pressure medication my now former doctor told me I would be on for life.  I also have a whole new outlook on what functional strength and physical fitness really means (hint: its not about how much you can bench and bicep curl). – Brian F

My all time goal was to PR 500 on my deadlift and I finally did it. -= Travis

 I NEVER would have thought I could complete ONE knee to elbow move — EVER!  The combination of shoulder, upper body and core strength was hard for me to get in sync.  My first try I was pretty close to right.  I could barely complete one.  While they may not all be perfect, I am pleased to report I can now complete a good handful (more on strong days!) and when I see them as part of the WOD, I don’t cringe nearly as much as I used to. – Kim F

 Crossfit has gotten me into great shape.  I feel faster, stronger and fitter than ever! Jenn R

I would love to speak to how it channeled Tucker’s inner athlete.  He never wanted to go to the gym regularly and that he misses it so much at school.  It’s the only thing that really motivated him in terms of fitness.  On a personal note, I love the camaraderie that I get with the group.  It is inspiring to see the amazing improvements that happen to the athletes at the box, both young and old! I love to see the families there!  It is awesome to see a dad and his daughter cheering each other on during a workout for example.  -Michelle C

 Since starting at CrossFit Magnitude, I have noticed consistent improvement in my strength and muscle tone and I have only been to 2, sometimes 3, sessions per week!  Great supervision from the coaches to perfect form.   I’m doing things I never liked to do because I never thought I could do them…. Still don’t like them (burpees), but love the results I’m getting! -Janet F

 I am indeed noticing a physical difference from my training at Crossfit Magnitude. More importantly for me, the classes leave me with a great sense of pride for showing up and completing (for better or worse 😉  the Work Out of the Day.  -Amelia

 After years of running, I made myself go to the open house when Crossfit Magnitude opened.  I am so glad that I pushed my fear to the side and went for it!  I have learned that my only failure will be a result of not trying…  I have now gained the courage to just try!   Not only has crossfit changed my life, but the nutritional coaching has contributed significantly to my weight loss and overall healthier lifestyle. Amy K

“I thought I was in good shape. Crossfit has redefined my level of fitness” Dave